Items Required For NTC PortFolio Assessment

Items Required For NTC PortFolio Assessment

Teacher trainees in colleges of education are to get ready to undertake the NTC Portfolio Assessment as they embark on their national service.

Teacher trainees today are expected to have these items in their NTC Portfolio Assessment.

  1. Information of School or Particulars of NQTs which should include GTLE number.
  2. A letter from the Headmaster, which indicates the evidence to work and the period of attendance in minutes.
  3. Teaching Philosophy ( The Goal, and the relationship of philosophy with teaching techniques and assessment practices)
  4. A well-presented lesson delivered and recorded whether as a video or audio tape
  5. Well prepared scheme of work / scheme of learning
  6. 15 examples of used lesson plans or learning plan
  7. Students work marked and awarded marks or graded with your comments showing or activities you took charge of and evaluated showing your comments.
  8. Reflective Practice or a serene reflection on your practice.
  9. Assessment instruments such as test items, quizzes used provided with their marking schemes and a detailed explanation of how effective or ineffective the tools were used. You can also present data collection tools designed by you with sample of data collected, analyzed and a generated report from it’s analysis.
  10. Client’s / Students’ work or task sheets
  11. Comment or report from mentor covering NQTs behaviour, attendance and attitude towards task given or work.
  12. Report stating at least five (5) co-curricular activities involveved in by NQT.
  13. Report on Core Competences of Teacher
  14. Recommendation from the Headmaster.
  15. A well described learning or teaching resources that can’t make ways into the portfolio.
  16. Headmaster or Mentor presents a report on career development for the NQT based on assessment of NQT’s experiences.
  17. Provide an evidence which indicates participation in school based activities including forming meetings held
  18. NQT provided three written minutes from the numerous meeting held with mentor.
  19. Evidence or report by NQT showing meetings held with the head of the school

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