I Left Without Telling Anyone – Sadio Mane Inspires Others

I Left Without Telling Anyone - Sadio Mane Inspires Others
Sadio Mane

The just ended African Cup of Nations remains history on the lips of many as Senegal in the history of football lifted the trophy for the first time.

The man of the game who showed much love to these people and the country at large was Sadio Mane. He showed generosity while on the pitch even though he was not able to score that early goal but rather climax it.

Mane on the other hand bused supporters from Sengeal to Cameroon just to witness this victorious event.

Speaking about him, he shared his success story with a few that avail themselves.

He said, “I left without telling anyone, apart from my best friend. I walked for a long time to meet up with a friend who loaned me some money so that I could take the bus to Dakar.

I was welcomed by a family that I did not know. I immediately took part in training sessions at recognized teams.

There were 200 or 300 youngsters who were waiting in line for their chance, it started badly for me because when I presented myself, I was laughed at. I did not look like a footballer.

I was wearing pants that can not be described as football shorts. And my football boots were disorderly shredded on the sides and had been repaired by me with the wire the best I could.

Those who oversaw the trials would look at me with a bizarre facial expression: ‘You want to become a footballer?’ I understood them but I did not have a choice. As I was not that bad, they took me.

That was the beginning of my adventure. and Now I am Champions of Africa ”

Congratulations to Senegal, congrats Sadio Mane


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