GNAT Fires NTC For The Introduction of GBEST

GNAT Fires Back At the Introduction of GBEST

National Teaching Council released a letter which speaks on the introduction of the Ghana Basic Education Skills Examination Test( GBEST).

This policy is believed to run through from the lower level to the colleges of education where entrance exams which will entail literacy will be conducted before admission is gained into colleges of education.

Ghana National Association of Teachers(GNAT) on the other hand released a letter dubbed Protest: NTC Introduces Ghana Basic Education Skills Examination Test.

In the release, GNAT is protesting against the National Teaching Council (NTC) for once again attempting to come about with a policy and arbitrarily impose it on the education sector.

GNAT wishes to draw the attention of NTC to Section 60 (a). Part 3 of the Education Regulatory Bodies Act, 200, which stipulates the function of NTC as Advising the Minister (for Education) on matters relating to the professional standing…of teachers.

Also, GNAT states that NTC is supposed to allow the Ghana Education Service(GES) to play it’s role as the lead agency for the implementation of approved policies and programmes at the pre-tertiary level and not to subsume them.

GNAT advised NTC to cease being a regulator and implementor since they don’t have the mandate to do so.

GNAT expresses their worry and tiredness with ideas of throwing policies and programs into the educational milieu without consultation with bodies which matter.

GNAT is pleading with the bodies involved to seek the appropriate measure thus consulting before crafting policies and therefore register their frustration and call for an immediate stop to them

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