Do You Know What Happened At 26th TTAG Congress? Read This

Do You Know What Happened At The 26th TTAG Congress? Read This

Every year, the Teacher Trainees Association of Ghana holds delegates congress to digest a theme, discuss issues concerning the welfare of trainees, and most importantly, undertake elections.

To set the ball rolling, this year’s TTAG National Delegates Congress as scheduled on 4th-7th January took place at Tamale College of Education (Tamale) in the Northern Region.

Delegates from all 46 colleges (minimizing it to 5 sectors) were to report on the 4th of January but quite, unfortunately, the journey to the scheduled venue was a very long one for most sectors as a result, most arrived on the 5th, close to sunset and late in the evening.

However, the late arrival of delegates did not curtail Congress from holding. Proceedings then began in the evening around 9 pm which marked the first sitting.

The first sitting began with a word of prayer from an Honourable Member, after which the incumbent Coordinator, Honourable Joshua Yeboah, upon the invitation of the incumbent President, Dimbie Abdul Manan (The Chairman of the house), spelt out the standing orders to the house ratified all attendees present.

Congress then proceeded to discuss the previous minutes from the previous Annual General Assembly held at Kibi Presbyterian College of Education in the Eastern Region and with precision, the Eastern-Greater Accra Sector (EGA Sector).

Unfortunately, the meeting was adjourned as an aftermath power outage in the TAMACoE auditorium where proceedings took place.

Thursday, 6th January marked the second day and second sitting of Congress. On that day, Congress again engaged in deliberations on the previous minutes taken during last year’s General Assembly.

A Committee of Enquiry was formed to delve into an issue of a minute which was not provided during the General Assembly.

Briefly, probing into the issue, the committee discovered that the then General Secretary of the previous administration, Honourable Issah Toha Shamsoo deliberately failed to provide the minutes to the General Assembly so some sanctions were meted out to him.

Deliberations on the minutes and it’s associated ills consumed much time making it impossible for other deliberations to take place (full details to be released in the communique and resolution).

Grounds were good as aspirants were of high hopes and elections were the expectations of all. Yes, the new crop of leaders to be elected went on the move.

The ups and downs, the talks, convincing delegates and all issues concerning elections went on. Yes, the atmosphere was fully charged. Democracy was on display.

Eventually, the campaign was over, elections kicked start. Delegates were called on a Sectorial basis. In a file, votes were casted one after the other. Yes, the dire moment came where winners of the various portfolios (ranging from the President to the Public Relations Officer) were announced.

After the declaration of results, Dzunu Jonathan emerged as the next President of TTAG and the following occupying different portfolios;

Cordinator – Kparibo Ernest Biemba

General Secretary – Sumaila Musah

Vice General Secretary – Karimu Kadija Bawa

Financial Secretary – Normehtta Andrew Dennuo

Treasurer – Jephthah Nana Kwame

Organizing Secretary – Laureen Gainford Andoh

Vice Organizing Secretary – Kolog Koka Alexander

Women’s Commissioner – Akoto Benedicta

Public Relations Manager – Agyemang Emmanuel
Congress had its ups and downs, shortcomings, and other negatives. However, it has proven to be well organized and executed as far as students’ politics is concerned.

Kudos to the electoral Commissioner; Joshua Yeboah and his team for a free and fair election.

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Credit: Adika Ethel

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