The Journey Of Dzunu Jonathan: The Bold Step, Read More Here

Dzunu Jonathan, 26th TTAG PRESIDENT

The Journey of Dzunu Jonathan, 26th TTAG National President has been very stressful and kind.

It all started when Dzunu Jonathan made this ultimate decision to man the affairs of the teacher trainees association of Ghana as the 26th President or team leader.

Beneath was the full statement he made before taking the mantle as the 26th President for TTAG.

I have been an ardent believer in our strength as people seeking to impact positively and build that formidable front we desire.

I believe in each one of you as people who want the best for our Association hence putting in the realm of affairs a person with such mentality.

After a personal assessment, broader consultation, and words of encouragement from you, I believe I have what it takes and with your sup, the port we can build a stronger force with a new vision and direction.

I’m Dzunu Jonathan, a level four hundred student of Dambai College of Education, and I will be contesting for the position of National President

I humbly ask you to rally with me as we do this in the spirit of togetherness. UBUNTU

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We will unravel more about this gentleman as time goes on, keep in touch

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