The Trumpet Donates to The People of Nugblebi and Agordoe

The Trumpet is an inter-denominational association that see to helping or rendering help to the poor or needy. This association is founded and managed by Rev. Dzakpasu Ebenezer who doubled to be a Level 400 student of Akatsi College of Education.

In the early days of 13th January 2022, the Trumpet after thorough preparation entered the towns of Nublebi and Agordoe to gift them some items. with close interaction with the founder of the association found out that aside the sharing of clothes many miracles took place also.

An old man who could not hear for 3 years and above after the intervention made by the trumpet received healing and began to hear.

Ministering under the power of God

Many who came with walking sticks walked back leaving the sticks behind, and issues of fibroid were not left unattended to.


Agordoe is a farming community in the Akatsi south district in the Volta Region of Ghana where okra, rice, and sugarcane farming are the major farm activity of the farmers of the area.

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The people of agordoe are facing many kinds of challenges in their community in the Akatsi South District. From April to June and September to November of every year, the whole town is being flooded in these seasons of every year which destroy people’s farms, properties and even collapse some of the buildings in the community.

The flood normally divides the town into two parts. There are even bad roads in this area of Akatsi South District. The students in this area find it difficult when they go to school every day by canoe.

Sometimes they get drowned in the river with their uniforms when going to school and coming to market to sell their goods also becomes a problem due to bad road networks of the area in the Akatsi South District in the Volta Region of Ghana.

For assistance or any help contact 0558566950 for more information

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