Fear Delegates Dont Overreact When You Lose Election

The Teacher Trainees Of Ghana affectionately known as TTAG have commenced their Congress in various sectors today. That’s the ASHBA, WEC, EGA, VOLTA-OTI, ATTRICONS.

During each congress see likes of talks from different dignatories, elections and dubbed with is the amazing dinner night.

Elections, which is one of the most important matters of focus during congress have created or made room for many to either become enemies or friends.

Even though such an election is regarded as student politics, many put their mind and body into this and the result ends up distorting or uplifting that individual.

Delegates or the people supposed to vote are the most challenging people during elections.

Recalling from an election held some years ago in the Volta Sector, an aspirant was said to bus 7 delegates to election ground only to receive 1 or 2 thereabout votes.

This is clearly to state that delegates, no matter what or who they are can only act on what they think is right and not what you think is right.

overacting when delegates didn’t tip you for a position won’t make them change their minds either. Before elections don’t be forced to overreact also as that is what delegates look forward to. Don’t be surprised to see many changing their minds just because you were even greeting them too much, hahaha, funny right yeah.

Now, how do you manage this stress of disappointment when things don’t go well with you?

  1. Accept all in good faith, be it bad or bad. Last TTAG year saw Dimbie Abdul Manan (TTAG PRESIDENT) and Dunoo Albert contesting for the position of President. Hopes were very high for both parties but the result brought victory to one and the other accepted all in good faith. So as you enter into such an election learn to accept everything in good faith.
  2. Don’t be over encouraged by Delegates. Delegates on the other hand made many lose during the election. The hailings and other joy they share with you on the onset of Congress ain’t the same they are likely to share with you during the election. So be wise and act accordingly.
  3. Eat Proper food after the election. Mostly dinner night is held after the election, this most at times makes many who lost the election down and end up ignoring foods served at that moment. Ghanacollegearchive.com is encouraging fellow aspirants to eat very well irrespective of the circumstance.

Ghanacollegearchive.com will be at the five Sectors to duly present to it’s followers the results from the sector election likewise the National Front.

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Wishing our fellow readers a happy new year, we extend our greeting to the Manan-led administration of TTAG for stepping there for teacher trainees and lifting the banner higher always.


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