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It’s of great joy that I address you today, on the day of Christmas through this medium for the last time. On behalf of the Executive Council, and the entire SRC leadership, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. As we celebrate, we should remember, to take good care of ourselves. Let’s do well and stay away from all activities that will expose us to danger in any form we should not trade our future for just a week’s celebration. Our families and the country Ghana need us.

Permit me to take you back to the year 2019 in our noble College, a year I would never forget in my leadership journey right from class one. That year, when myself and some other well-meaning students decided to contest for positions, not just to earn the name of leadership, but with a mentality of servitude driven by commitment, dedication, selflessness, humility, and making the interest of people our focal point with fear or whatsoever.
On that faithful Saturday, 29th June 2019. The day we elected through the ballot to steer the affairs of the SRC. Whether we have served you, I would leave that to time to decide.

Immediately we were inducted into office, together with my hardworking executives drew the road map. We came out with brilliant ideas in consultation with our hardworking Dean of Students’ Affairs, Mr. Abotoworo Samuel which was graced by the new Principal Dr. Benedicta Awusi Atiku, the lady Principal who has refused to rest until we build the College we desire.

Through your support, prayers, and cooperation, we have been able to raise the bar of the SRC and built some legacies that are worth emulating by future leaders as far as DACE SRC is concerned and maybe elsewhere.

From history and my personal experience for the number of years I stayed in Dambai township, students of the College were the official laborers. We do all kinds of works from weeding, sweeping the entire campus before going for lectures, scrubbing all the VIPs, sweeping of officers and the most dangerous of it is the beans would be prepared by the kitchen. The seniors then always tell us “here we don’t eat beans and sleep” on such where they are no work, the seniors would find work for you to do irrespective of you having lectures or not. A senior is always right as they used to say.
After taking over, we decided to change the narrative through consultative stakeholders engagement, we decided to Chanel part of the SRC dues which is the students’ money into employing laborers and purchasing mowers to end this practice. Though this arrangement didn’t go well with some people who think that what we went through as a batch any other batch should be subjected to the same, together with my executives we stood our grounds as generational thinkers and ended the practice. And I want to thank our Principal for her firm decision in making sure this happened.

In our quest to give our constituents a wider range of knowledge accusations. We embarked on the DACE SRC wifi project. Though the project suffered some setbacks, we were able to complete it successfully and ran pilot testing. I humbly beseech all of you to make good use of the facility to broaden your academic horizon. We will be engaging the new leadership on the path to extend the wifi to other parts of the campus that were not captured.

Moving away from the traditional dining system where students are crowded around a table before food is served is another thing I must applaud the College Management led by the Principal and her able Vice. This new system as advocated for seeks to introduce the dual menu system where students have a chance to choose between two meals during each dining session. The reason behind this system was to enable the students to choose the type of food to eat during each dining period. As the saying goes the beginning of every good thing comes with challenges. The system faced some challenges which were resolved and I’m sure the new Executives will support Management to ensure the smooth running of the system.

My people, with your interest at heart and ensuring that you are given the possible comfort, we supported and advocated for the call to have an E-library, after engagement and consultation, the College Management triggered the process to institute the E-library in the College and within a short period, the project was completed. Today you can go to the library and access reading materials from the library of the University of Developmental Studies (UDS) the University we are affiliated with. We encourage you to use this facility for it’s purpose.

My people, I must say this, before we took over the SRC had nothing like a comprehensive working document. This became a worry for us and the new College because leaders were ruling based on their dictate without any stipulated direction, guidance, and no working system in place. With our quest to get a comprehensive constitution for the Council, we set aside thirty working days in putting up a working document that directs and will guide the leadership. I can’t thank the Principal enough for her commitment during this work. She contacted some tutors led by the Vice Principal to help us give final touches to the work done. It did not end there she even used her resource to motivate us for work done. I can’t forget to thank Mr. Kpeglah Michael former Ttag Volta President 2019/20 for his constant reminder for us to draft and promulgate a constitution for the SRC after he realized we had none.

We introduced the SRC partial academic scholarship. This package is meant to create a healthy academic competition among the students. Students with the highest CGPA will be paid off forty percent of their school fees by the SRC. The policy is set to pave way for the creation of the DACE SRC scholarship fund. The fund when created will support students in diverse ways. And I must serve notice that the scholarship has constitutional backing and no administration can just ignore it.

With our belief in the democratic decision-making process, we decided to bring leadership to the doorstep of the students. By this, SRC positions were not centered in the hands of a particular year group in the just ended SRC elections. Some key positions were reserved for the junior batch to contest. This is to make them part of the decision-making process. Though this didn’t go well with some students, we stood our ground and remained firm in making sure collective decision-making is ensured in the students’ leadership.

Over the years and in the history of SRC, for the first time, students took full responsibility for overseeing the conduct of SRC elections successfully unlike in the past where management was in charge of running SRC elections, the just-ended election under my watch was fully handled by students. Right from setting out modalities, vetting and the running of the election was in hands of the students. I must congratulate my fellow students for their cooperation during the process. The first students’ Electoral Commissioner Mr. Adjei Kwesi Jonathan and his team did a great job and must be remembered in the annals of history.

Fellow students, if you ask me to mention one of the projects I’m so proud of, I would mention the “SRC clinic Project” after being admitted into the College, we have seen students falling sick at midnight and being rushed to clinics in the town by motorbike riders. In situations where these motorbike riders are nowhere to be found, friends of the victims of victims would have to carry him or them to the clinic themselves. Sometimes, masters would have to wake up from their sleep to carry such students to the clinic.
To end this and with inspiration from our Principal, we embarked on the project. Today, we are done with all block works and we have brought in roofing companies to come and take measures to enable us to Start roofing the building. We have equally sent proposals to individuals NGOs, government agencies, traditional leaders, and some churches to support us in any form to ensure the successful completion of the project.
From the day we took over, I led the executives and we promised to protect the purse of the SRC. I say this without any doubt, that, we have done so. My executives made a lot of sacrifices, we have never known anything like sitting allowances during our meetings. We have never taken anything like item 13 during our caucus meeting. The beautiful thing is that sometimes some executives use their own money to buy water for us during meetings. That is the level of sacrifice knowing very well the burden on the SRC with by our projects. This should tell us we were not driven by money into leadership but the passion to serve.
We shall subject ourselves to auditing and ensure the auditor’s report is pasted on all notice boards for you to see in the history of the SRC. This is not just to show how disciplined we were but to set the mark to instill the spirit of meticulous accountability in young leaders going into the future.

Fellow students, I can not end it all without mentioning the “ttag village project” in 2019, we initiated this project in the name and glory of our Association, the only mouth we have, the Teacher Trainees Association of Ghana. With our motto “a development model” and we proudly have our slogan “We Mean Well”. The project was meant to have the five administrative sectors of the association represented with five big summer huts built just like the ttag logo and each summer hut named after a sector. There will be a showroom that will contain the constitutions, artifacts, and relevant materials from SRCs and Colleges under the ttag umbrella. Lover benches well spread on well-grown greens and trees and ornamental plants all over. The idea was to also open the place for rental for programs. And this will generate income for the Association through the locals. In 2020, during the congress at Akatsi College of Education, we outdoored the project before congress and it received a commendation. Unfortunately, the project suffered financial challenges which didn’t allow for its implementation. But the good news is, we have secured land from the College for this project. I’m by this medium encouraging the incoming administration to continue this project and calling on the association to support the locals to ensure the successful start and completion of the project in the memory of our beloved association.

My fellow students, all these achievements wouldn’t have been made if not for your cooperation and prayers. I, together with my executives will remain grateful for the opportunity given us to serve you. The journey has helped to build as a young leader. Through this journey, we have learned to champion the cause of the students front with our all. I can’t forget the love you showed me always.

Aunty Doris…. in level 200 I can’t forget your constant supply of provision to my office every semester you were an angel sent. God richly bless you for your kind gesture. And to the current level three hundred, I can’t forget the day you stood your grounds without any form of disrespect in demanding respect to the office of the President. I remember that day the batch refused to go to dining unless the right thing was done, and you never moved until finality was brought to the issue.

I thank all the tutors, the non-teaching staff for your tremendous support during these periods. I thank Mr. Essey William for his fatherly role played. He always calls us to give us directions whenever we are going off track. Madam Mawuli Sylviler Mabel, Mama as I call you always, God bless you for everything.

I stand today to officially congratulate the newly elected executives led by Master Bunju Meshack who are taking over soon. I humbly ask that you build on our strengths and make our weaknesses your learning point. Strive hard to pass the level we have reached in building a better community for the students of Dambai College of Education.

Long Live Ghana
Long Live DACE
Long Live DACE SRC

Thank you.

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